September 17, 2008

Update from GrapeFest

I have a friend who says things are ‘ish’ when he means they’re just so-so, and I LOVE that idiom. As you know, anything that is ‘somethingish’ is not quite something.
And Grapefest was ish.
I wouldn’t discourage you from checking it out next year, but I might not hurry back. Why?

Well, a few reasons.

With free-flowing wine (with 9 tickets, $4.50) - and beer - you can expect a fair amount of stumbling, slurring, and poor crowd navigation. People with strollers, too.
What you might not expect, and I came to view as an added bonus, is pretentiousness.

I felt like the Not So Friendly Dentonista as I slowly got steamed trying to flow around pontificating yuppies planted stock-still in the street road\ the sidewalk\ my way just gassing on about anything and everything.

Or maybe I was just a grouch.
Was there anything to enjoy? Oh yes. The usual arts and crafts, with a nicely cheesy wine theme, AND Inka Wayra!.

My friends, you haven’t fully appreciated “Hotel California” until you’ve heard it played on the Pan flute.
I kid you not.
The minute I realized what my eyes were seeing and my ears were hearing, I leaned over to the Significant Other (SO) and said, “I’m telling you right now, this is the coolest thing I am going to see all night.
It was.

Now, if you’re wondering how the Joe Ely show was, I’m happy to say, it was fantastic.
That night he was playing with Joel Guzman. (I did whisper to the SO, “I’ve never seen an accordion looking less Italian.”) Nor have I enjoyed listening to one so much.
Two thumbs up.

But, overall, just 'ish', and since this blog is The BEST Of and not the also rans, I'm thinking I'll take these entries down after a bit.
What do you think?

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Maxine from Texas said...

I say you leave them and have a catagory called '-ish'. I'm glad you still had a good time and didn't let any pretentious attendees ruin things.