September 26, 2009

Feeling Silly? Feeling Saucy? Feeling Thristy? You Might Be Feeling Fuzzy's

Located on the rapidly gentrifying Industrial Street, Fuzzy's Taco Shop is across the street from Hot Box pizza. Yeah. I promise.
Anyway, ignore the sub- sophomoric name(s) and come in for the schooners of tap beer. At $2.25 for domestics and $3.25 for imports, they are the real stars of the show. Oh, and does ‘import” mean they have Dos Equis on tap? Well yes, yes it does my dear.
And you know what a schooner is, right?
They’re those squatty goblets with bowls the size of your head that weigh as much as a new born baby… and they’re filled-with-ice-cold-beer!!
Oh yeah.

I would have said the tacos are ish, but they really do grow on you.
In fact, thinking about it, I would say all the food there has grown on me, and the pulled pork tacos ($1.99) are actually really good. I usually get the aforementioned pulled pork soft taco, with a soft grilled fish taco ($1.99) or two.
I used to get them habenero style, but I’ve had to back off that. I don’t know if I was tougher a few months ago, of if they’ve amped up the blend, but that habenero sauce is now nearly atomic. It will cause your whole mouth to burn, and possibly your lips to swell.

On the other hand, in your other hand there should be an ice-cold schooner of beer, so maybe you don’t care.
The significant other is a fool for the beef fajitas ($7.99), with the Latin potatoes.
We can’t figure out what makes them Latin, but they ARE good. Like the best home fries you’ve ever had, and surprisingly well matched to the fajitas.
We’ve tried both the borracho beans (nice) and the refried beans (creamy and comforting), but no other sides.
You know, I guess that means we’re pretty comfortable there, with what we’ve got.
That’s a recommendation, isn’t it?

And did I mention Fuzzy’s is right next door to Dan’s Silver Leaf, making it the perfect spot for a quick meal and fortifying beer pre- or apr├Ęs show?

So, you could make a real night of it, down on Industrial.

One last thing, they also have a ‘patio’. It’s not the least bit scenic, and it’s all picnic tables, but you can dine and drink outside, while enjoying the sun, breeze, and al fresco companions.

Swing by, you have nothing to lose, and a possibly a new watering hole to gain.

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September 1, 2009

Do Only Twits Twitter?

Boy, I hope not. Because, as you can see, you can now follow your friendly neighborhood Dentonista on Twitter.

Now, I promise I won't treat you to deep thoughts over my morning coffee or whimsical musings on the excellence of my cat (Yes, I have a cat; of course I have a cat), but I will try to assure you that embracing a Dentonist lifestyle is as fulfilling as it is possible.

I decided to use Twitter as my agent because I think you'd be bored silly (and I'd be uninspired) if I blogged about every excellent meal I have at the Green House or Hannah's, or every time I stuff my face with baked deliciousness from Ravelin Bakery, or each time I swing by the Cupboard for some organic berries and chamomille shampoo, but I assure you, I am living la vida Denton, 24-7. Even though, sadly, I can neither make being the Dentonista my full-time job, nor can I always entice the writing muse (hence the more and less sporadic nature of my posts), there are still tons of people/places/things I need to document.

In fact, just this a.m., as I drove by the Denton Farmer’s Market, I thought, “I really need to get out there with the camera and my shopping bag.” I've also been thinking about a trip to some of the architecturally interesting places of worship around town… and what about the Bayless-Selby House, for Pete’s sake?! Believe me my dears, I have a whole list of things I need to get my heinie (and camera) to.
And I will.
I swear.
You do too. And tell me about it!

In the mean time, please follow me on Twitter.