September 19, 2008

Ravelin Bakery

I have a sister-in-law who regularly performs in musical theatre, and she tells me a performer’s (any performer’s) pet peeve is when friends, family, and random audience members come up to her after a performance and say, “You were great, and that kid was amazing!”

And I feel like that’s what I just did.

I fell all over myself praising the pastry at the new kid on the block, The Funky Eclectic, without even acknowledging the seasoned pro that helps make my appreciation of their danish possible. I’m talking about Ravelin Bakery.

If you live in Denton (and not under a rock), of course you know Ravelin. You may remember them from their original location, across from The Greenhouse, which they are still supplying with desserts, or you may only know them from their current location on Elm Street, but if you’ve somehow missed them (or are a newbie or visitor), you definitely want to get to know them. I have to admit, I wrestled with mentioning them at all. One already has to get there early, to get a full selection, but in the end, my better self (The FND) won out, and, if you are unfamiliar with Ravelin, you did too.

First of all - and this should go without saying - everything is made onsite and made from scratch. The hunky baker and his lovely wife own this business and they are always there. (What makes the baker so hunky, you ask? Good question! He IS sandy blond and blue, but his tattoo really ices the cake, so to speak. What is it? A skull? A mermaid? Taz?! No, No, and certainly not! He has a tattoo, on one of his forearms, of a fist clutching a sheaf of wheat, with a sunflower, a poppy [and maybe another bit of flora] thrown in for good measure. What else would a bad ass baker have? I know I like him all the more for it. Check it out, next time you visit.)

Now, what does your Friendly Neighborhood Dentonista recommend?  That’s so difficult, and so easy; they have so many excellent things!
Bearing in mind you can hardly go wrong:

  • The ham and swiss croissants
    I love them, and you can fool yourself into thinking you're having a balanced breakfast. Also feel free to try the ham and cheddar, spinach and feta, and mushroom and swiss, if you like.

  • The chocolate almond croissants
    Imagine a fresh croissant filled with dark chocolate and topped with a sliced almond and sugar paste. It is a diabetic coma on a plate, but goes down sweet as sin with a cup of strong coffee.

  • The walnut or pecan sticky buns
    See above, and know the squirrels will fight you for them, if you're taking your leisure on the patio. Oh sweet Jesus.

  • The muffins
    All the muffins. They come in various combinations of berries and fruits, and they are win-wins every time. Weekend guests? Stock up on a variety and be the hostess with the most-est. Men, I am not discriminating; they will work for you too.

  • And do not miss the fresh bread!
    They'll slice it for you there, and each and every variety beats all hell out of any supermarket loaf.

    Go on, go! But please, leave some for me.

    Oh, and sad news - I've heard from a few folks that The Funky Eclectic is already out of business. I've heard eveything from family illness to a business loan that didn't come through, and I can hardly believe it. No matter what the reason, there IS a for sale sign up.
    Anyone know the whole story?

    Anonymous said...

    Had the croissants yesterday.....they are out of this world. Every bit as good if not better than the ones I have tasted in France!
    Will be paying the bakery a visit this weekend and adding to the waistline!

    -Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentonista said...

    I am so pleased to hear it! I just finished up half an almond/caramel bun. Divine. Aren't you glad there are Dentonistas/Dentonistos like the bakers in town?

    john jenkins said...

    The white chocolate lemon bread is one of their best items (Fridays). Check out the page I made for them to see a menu and their hours, etc.

    -Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentonista said...

    What a cool site. Thank you for sharing!
    Kids, I can't tell you how much I LOVE it when a comment or tweet clues me into some MORE Dentron-centric excellence.