September 11, 2008

Plans For GrapeFest

My significant other (SO) is a significant music geek.
(Not that his preferences are significant, but that his fanaticism is significant. You follow?) Music is the insulin that allows him to process dull weeks and the marinade for a cold-beer, all-day barbecue kind of week. It revives, sustains and excites him.

And Joe Ely, a recent interest, is playing Grapevine's GrapeFest Friday night.

Now, the SO had recently taken me to the DMA to see Mr. Ely play and read selections from his new book, and that show met my most important requirements for enjoying most of the SO's musical choices - A/C, seating, no smoking, not too loud, not too late. (You, dear reader, may surmise those same requirements keep me from being the SO's frequent companion to many musical outings. You would be correct.) In addition, I really enjoyed hearing Mr. Ely tell his stories from the road, and tomorrow, Mr. Ely is playing outside on a clement Friday evening, where vendors and purveyors of local (!! and not) wines should be abundant. So I allowed that an amendment to those requirements might be justified.

I'll let you know how it goes.
OR, you can go on over yourself; I'd love to see you there! I'll be the one with the long hair and glass of wine!

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