August 27, 2008

Three Quick Things I Like About Denton

1. This Blog
I LOVE this blog – Green Across Texas – about one woman’s journey to get her family green.
Could I have made that sound duller? You know, there may be no way I can do her well-written, amusing, and informative blog justice, and I happen to know, she’s a Dentonista too. (Shout out to the wider Denton County!) So, listen to YOUR friendly, neighborhood Dentonista, click the link and give it a quick eyeballing. Beware; you may have to add another blog to your must-read list!

2. The Emily Fowler Library
You may know it as Emily Fowler, you may know it as the Main Branch, you may know it as the original library, down from the post office, up from the Greenhouse, but I think of it as my neighborhood library, and it is my favorite of the three branches.
Do you remember the indoor, sunken garden that was scrapped with the 2004 renovation?
I do.
It was bizarrely groovy, and went beautifully with the midcentury modern decorative woodwork. Though the librarians tell me the moisture was wreaking havoc with the printed materials, I do miss sitting near it and listening to the water sounds. For more info on the library's midcentury credentials (and we're talking O'Neil Ford folks!!), see this excellent little page the excellent Mike Cochran put together.

Hey! Does anyone remember when they would check out artworks, which were expressly for use in decorating your dorm room or apartment? They’d check them out by the semester
I had totally forgotten about that, until I was writing this entry! I wonder what happened to that stuff and that program? I wonder if the folks who contribute to this blog will address that question?

Anyway, this library, with its incredibly nice check out staff, outdoor fountain, indoor genealogy special collection, comfy reading chairs, numerous public-use computers (thanks to the renovation), and great (and always expanding) collection of books, mags, CDs, and DVDs is not only just a brisk walk (added bonus) from my house, it’s the comfiest library in the system.

Now, if we could just get the WiFi that’s been promised, and endlessly delayed, it would be pretty much the perfect library. If you’re wondering, as I am, just what the hold up is, or why only the South branch (the smallest and noisiest branch!) has WiFi – contact your city council person. That’s what they tell me to do when I ask at the library!

Speaking of that sweet walk from the Dentonista’s to the library, brings me to item number:

3. The New Pergola at the Cupboard
Walking to the library takes me past the Cupboard – more properly known as Cupboard Natural Foods - which is now sporting a brand-new pergola, just outside the café!
Have you seen it?
Can patio dining be far behind?
Now, if you’re thinking, “BFD. Dining with a view of the parking lot.” Shaaaame on you - Oh ye of little imagination!
Think of it as street theatre as you trip to the various hippies, weirdos, poseurs, Jesus freaks, and soccer Moms and Dads that cross your line of site. Maybe you’ll even be sipping a wheat grass juice? I know I’m looking forward to it!

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Maxine from Texas said...

Thanks for the shout out! Shinerman and I are also excited about the pergola at the Cupboard! (Well, me more so than him) We saw it on our way home from dropping off the co-op food.