August 13, 2008

The Haunted House on Oak Street

See the eerie perfection of the house and lawn?
Know what’s eerier?
No one lives there!
I have never seen a single person come or go from that house. Who takes care of it? Must be ghosts - and that’s why I call it the haunted house. Spoooooky!

OK, this house isn’t really empty, as this article in the Denton Record Chronicle will attest (though that’s no proof it’s not haunted). Either way, I stand by my observation of never seeing anyone out front.
SO, more power to you folks – I don’t know how you do it.
I’m day dreaming about covert garden operatives and ninja yard care right now…

Well, enough of that. Do you want to see some other houses that have people living in them, but are surely haunted too?! Check out the rest of Oak Street, between Carroll Blvd. and Fry St. (But keep on going down to Bonnie Brae if you like - more fun houses and the Orthodox Church!) Be sure to make the block and come back up on Hickory St.

Called “Silk Stocking Row” (oy vey) by local realtors, The Oak\Hickory historic block is one big bunch of great old houses. Someone with more knowledge about architecture can surely say more about the styles, significance, etc. All I can say is: they’re beautiful, and the short block (just up to Fry St.) makes a great little walk.

If you DO take a walk or a drive around this historic block, or just know something cool about it and want to share, please DO leave comments. It's not just MY Denton, it's YOUR Denton too people!

Update - June, 12 2010
Wow! Some variant of 'Haunted Denton' is a really common search that brings folks to my blog.
So, I thought I'd add a link to the Denton section of Ghosts of America. Hope it helps you, Reader.

Update - Sept, 12 2012
And if 'Haunted Denton', 'Denton Ghosts', 'Denton Haunted Houses' or some other search for ghosts, hauntings, spirits or the supernatural in Denton, Tx brought you here, I want to refer you to the Denton Haunts facebook page. These folks will take you on a ghost walk around the square and regale you with stories of the "...haunted history and spooky spectres of the Denton Square!" Their and the Denton Haunts wordpress page has stories abot our ghosts and the group's upcoming activities. Check them out.


Maxine from Texas said...

I wish Shinerman would surprise me with a 16 room abode...

Anonymous said...

Don't we ALL, Maxine; don't we all?

Anonymous said...

l live on fry st in one of the oldest homes on that entire block. it was built by a judge for his wife and children but i beleive he lived elsewhere, this home and another home ive delivered food to have both given me vibes that they are connected. there is a house on the 3000 block of roselawn that i am convinced was built by the same people as my home on fry and i sense things there, ive been diligently scouring the internet for any sources, its purported that roy orbison also lived in my home when he attended school at unt 55-56 something like that. he was spoken of having lived in an old haunted house on fry st.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentonista said...

Yup. Seriously kids, walk around, drive around Denton. There are some amazing houses to see.

Texas Haunted Houses fan said...

I was just living right next to Denton and I had no idea that something like this existed. Who cares if people are still living in them. It's still fun to imagine them as haunted houses. I love that you day dream about covert garden operatives and ninja yard care! Oh what I wouldn't give for some of those.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentonista said...

Thanks for commenting! I have to say, the riff on their lawn care was one of my favorites... Good grief, I need to update this blog; I really DO enjoy writing.

Anonymous said...

what about the house on the corner of oak and welch, evers mansion?

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentonista said...

What about it? Is it the old Evers house? It is!
Is it haunted? Oh it HAS to be!
It's also being renovated, as I type. Has anyone else checked it out?
Here's a bit more information about it:

Anonymous said...

I lived on the third floor of the Ever's mansion for a semester back in 2012 - it was definitely creepy and I would rarely walk around the house at night especially if the lights were off. If anyone else has any info on I'd love to hear!