March 15, 2010

Indians Push North. Pioneers, Eagles, Townies Welcome Them

I almost feel lazy starting this blog entry because I feel like I’ve already told you the good news about the Indian food at Kokila.

However, the fact that they did open a restaurant in Denton proper seems noteworthy-enough to write about – even if it’s just a short post.
In AP-style, I’ll open with (reiterate) the important part: Kokila-is-in-Denton-Now!
Located in Carriage Court (Avenue C and Eagle Dr) in the space formerly occupied by Siam House (which is now on Cedar St), Kokila re-designed, re-painted, re-tiled, and most importantly, brought in a steam table, to create their north-side restaurant. And, oh how happy I am.
This restaurant is smaller than their Lewisville location, and the buffet is similarly a bit smaller. However, it is also a bit cheaper and still offered every day for lunch.
The food, happily, is the same delicious and excellent quality. And, dosas are offered all week, albeit a la carte. Spend the extra buck and get this potato\onion\peas and carrots crepe. Almost every time I eat it – which is every time I’m there (which is about once a week) – I remark to the S.O. that, “I don’t know why I like these so much.”
I mean, you read that, right?  Potato.  Peas.  Carrot.  Onion.
Sounds like nothing, right?
I have to tell you, whatever spices they sprinkle in there push that mix to tasty, and adding any of the chutneys (the carrot pickle is my favorite) just amps up the toothsomeness. I’ve even been known  to slip bits of chicken, goat or paneer in there too. You know, sort of making up my own little burrito?
It may not be standard Indian eating practice, but it IS delicious.

Of course the buffet changes daily, but you can usually expect to see that delish tandoori chicken (you know, the red, grilled stuff) pretty much every day.
And on a perfect Sunday, I'll sleep  in late; drink coffee; read the paper, then head over to the buffet @ 11.
On a recent-ish Sunday, I even saw local musical talent and radio God, Paul Slavens! I loooove him.

Celeb sighting or not, I always leave ready to meet the end of my weekend with a full and happy belly.
And who doesn't love happy?

Check it out.

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