December 6, 2009

Atomic Christmas

This month, and I hope in time for the holidays, I bring you some more artsy crafters. I don't know anything about them - other than they keep their lawn retiree-neat year round, and for the last 11 years - at least - they've offered up these awesome holiday light configurations.
And I say "holiday" consciously. I don't care if you don't put up a tree and Christmas isn't your thing; it's my opinion that everyone can enjoy decorating their houses with greens and lights. That harkens back to a muuuch older tradition.

Stepping off of her soap box, your friendly neighborhood Dentonista asks, "You recognize these lights, right?" They aren't just holiday lights - these are pieces of classic Americana.
Made in the traditional fashion, from roughly a squajillion Solo cups, you need to see them to fully appreciate the clever craftsmanship - my crummy pictures certainly don't do them justice. (I hate this camera.)
And you can see them, at the corner of Panhandle and Fulton streets.

You know what else I like about them? Their fresh, contemporary appeal.
As you know, mid-century modern style is all the rage right now (here, here, here), and I can think of nothing more atomic-chic than these Sputnik-y lights.
And you know what? You can take one (or several) home!
That's right. For just $20 you can own your very own bit of hand-crafted holiday kitsch.
Even if you're not lucky enough to live in an atomic ranch, (and I know they're tough, though not impossible, to come by in Denton), these lights are so classic, they'll go with everything. If you live in one of the gazillion post-war 'grannies' (check out the Panhandle, Egan, Congress streets area, right around this house), these lights are even architecturally appropriate.
So drive by and check them out, or call 940.387.1480 to grab some of these awesome lights. I have the feeling that when they're gone, they're gone for the year.

Oh, and have a very happy holiday season and a safe and lovely New Year, my dears.


Ellen "EJ" Sackett said...

I have those lights. They were made with blue lights by a friend of mine who passed away just after Thanksgiving. I can tell you that she originally made them for her parents (my former neighbors) years ago. When they died, I asked for them. When their daughter passed away, I hung them up, and they've been up through the holiday, in remembrance of all three of them.

I can tell you first hand that they last for years if you keep them in a climate controlled place. Just don't let them melt in your attic.

Thanks for posting.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentonista said...

You heard it here kids - these lights are even a good investment. So, keep your eyes peeled next year - you know you want some.