October 20, 2009

So What? Sew Everything, If You're Clever

You know I love Denton for the artists and arts and crafters, right?
Well, one of my sisters (a former Dentonista and lifelong artist) joined the arts and crafts movement yonks ago – pottery, silk screening, print-making with some exotic Japanese tool or other, etc. Every time I talk to her, she's creating something new.
All incredibly impressive, and I'm all, “More power to you!”
And then she started sewing.
With our Mother’s old sewing machine. (You know those black and gold Singers? Yep, that old.)
The machine that I once used to make a chair pillow.
A round one.
Without a pattern. I know, right?
That machine. Whatever; no big.
And she started cranking out beautiful, useful things. With zippers!
And, I thought, “I could do that.”
You know, unlike everything else she does, I could do that.
But, unlike my sister, I’m not much of a self-teacher. If I’m going to learn something on my own, I look up the nearest class (in my case, usually some Adobe software) and sign up.
So, that’s what I did.
I found Seams Sew Easy, the only sewing class in town, that I know of, which has classes timed for working adults. I took Eileen's Adult Sewing Class, and I’m so glad I did.
I am currently using what I learned to engage in a crafty, reduced, reused and recycled holiday season with my sisters (and friends).
That’s right.
We – the sisters and I – entered into a pact to give each other gifts that were homemade, recycled or reduced (50% off or more).
My friends are just the lucky (I hope) beneficiaries of this pact.
So, sadly, I can’t post any pictures for you, because I’d ruin some surprises. Check back after the holidays though, and I might have uploaded some examples*...
*1/1/10 Here is a picture of sisters and significant others in aprons I made!
I can say that the adult class’ project was an apron.
Sounds easy (and or dull) right?
Not so! It was MUCH harder than the aprons I gave as gifts.
This is the most engineered apron you will ever wear; a veritable sampler of simple and advanced stitches and techniques.
I love that thing, and I feel like a total bad ass every time I put it on.
I mean, I-made-that!

Meanwhile, if you're interested in a recycled holiday of your own, let me tell you Freecycle, Recycled Books Records CDs, and eBay are excellent sources.

Now, I might let secular, non-Christian, or just the quietly religious crafters know that even though the address for Seams Sew Easy is on the North Side of Denton, it meets in Jesusland. A common question to new comers is, “Do you home school?” Answers run the gamut from ‘yes’ to ‘not yet’.
I have to say though, that’s about as intense as the religious experience gets, and that didn’t get in the way of me learning-to-sew!

Seriously y’all, you can’t over estimate how fun and satisfying this can be. I told the S.O. it was like learning Spanish – which I have not done, yet – it’s something I knew I could do, if I just made time...
And I did make time.
And now I’m doing it!

You can too my dears. Women, men, boys, and girls all welcome, and she will have you sewing in no time.
Go for it.

PS - You know what I found out?
Back in Black is good sewing music.
So is Smells Like Teen Spirit.
(Jesus, I just dated myself, didn’t I? Oh well.)
Think I’m wrong? I’m not wrong. Try it and see.


-Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentonista said...

AND - if you'd liek to read a good sewing blog, try this: http://sewmamasew.com/

Anonymous said...

LOVE my apron!
purlbee.com has good projects for you to check out too!