August 12, 2009

Doc’s Bail Bonds

I admit my dears, I had a tough time classifying this one. Yes it’s "free" – to drive by – and I certainly want you to “see it”, but not from the inside because you need their services for an incident related to a drive-by…
You know what I'm saying.
OK, equivocating is for wimps and Libras so I am just going to say, that with the demise of Cheerleader Bail Bonds (no lie), this is the most flamboyant bail bonds place in town.
I mean check that out.
You can’t argue with dedication like that.
A custom hearse?
An aqua citadel?
If, God forbid, you need the assistance of a bail bondsman, you could hardly find one with more style.
Second place goes to Cagle Bail Bonds with their updatable Most Wanted bill board.
Of course right now it says Mos Wanted, like Mos’ Def, I guess. In this case though, I believe these folks are the least def. Just sayin’.
Third place has to go to Freebird Bail Bonds. Who knew bondsman had such funny senses of humor and style?
Go on and cruise down Mckinney Street and check them all out.


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